Congratulations! You have completed the hands-on workshop. If you only completed the lab activities for one of the public cloud providers you are welcome to run back through the activities in the other cloud provider environment. What you’ll find is that (with a few cloud-specific exceptions) the methods used to deploy and configure the VM-Series firewall are essentially the same.

What We’ve Accomplished

We’ve covered all three categories of network security automation:

  • Build: We used Terraform to orchestrate the deployment of the lab environment. Rather than utilizing cloud-specific deployment tools such as AWS CloudFormation or Google Deployment Manager, we were able to use a common tool for both environments.
  • Run: We used both Terraform and Ansible for configuring the VM-Series firewall instance. Both tools leverage the PAN-OS XML API and have libraries that allow those tools to communicate with the API.
  • Respond: We leveraged two PAN-OS features, VM Information Sources and Dynamic Address Groups, to identify changes in the cloud provider environment and automatically adapt to those changes.